a fruit
for today
  • For dessert I will treat myself
    with a fresh fruit sorbet
  • A freshly brewed prickly pear
    green tea to shine up my morning
  • A moment of joy over a cup of
    fruit tea with my best friend
  • I’ll prepare a fruit tea according
    to my grandmother’s recipe
  • On cold nights I will warm myself
    with a hot cinnamon beverage
  • I will have an apricot vanilla
    shake as a snack
  • Orange- cloves beverage for
    chilly evenings
  • Raspberry-cherry tea whilst
    gossiping with …
  • With a book on my lap I will enjoy
    the aroma of cranberry tea
  • I will send my close ones
    hugs and kisses
  • I will treat myself with
    a fresh squeezed juice every day
  • Movie night accompanied by a
    cup of aromatic herbal tea
  • Before sleep I will drink a cup
    of blackcurrant-mango tea
  • I’m going to make wild
    strawberry dessert for two
  • I will pamper myself with a
    rose petal bath
  • I will choose fragrance with a hint
    of sweet fruit to start a day
  • At the start of the day I will have a
    freshly squeezed orange juice
  • I will eat a cranberry snack
    after my brunch
  • I’ll treat myself with a piece of
    apple pie with vanilla ice cream
  • I will start my day with
    a cranberry – white chocolate bar
  • To start the day in a healthy way
    I will eat fruit muesli for breakfast
  • I will relax in the evening with
    vanilla scented candles
  • I will relax with a cup of aromatic
    pomegranate tea
  • I’m going to make a fruit
    cocktail to enjoy
  • I’m going to make a refreshing
    peppermint beverage
  • I’m going eat fruit jelly beans
    while watching my favorite show
  • I’ll freeze fresh fruits in ice cubes
    and use them at the weekend
  • As a romantic night for two I’m
    going to make a fruit fondue
  • Evenings filled with fruit
    memories of my childhood
  • I’ll have a late afternoon moment
    to myself with vanilla delight
  • I will make a strawberry dessert
    with whipped-cream
  • I will make vanilla pudding
    with raspberry juice
  • I’m going to caramelize fruit
    for an enjoyable evening
  • I’m going to roast a pear and
    have it with vanilla ice cream
  • I’m going to make a thick
    pudding with big chunks of fruits
  • I’m going to seize my holiday
    time by eating fruity ice cream
  • I’m going to spice up the dinner
    by adding tasty cranberry
  • I’m going to make a delicious
    roast with plums
  • I’m going to prepare mouth
    watering duck with apples
  • I’m going to bake small
    currant jam tarts
  • I will try new fruit-chocolate
  • I will pamper myself with
    meringue and wild fruit syrup
  • I will treat myself with white
    chocolate-berry muffins
  • I’m going to make fluffy
    pancakes with apples and syrup
  • For a healthy breakfast I’m going
    to make a yogurt-fruit mix
  • I’m going to allow myself a piece
    of a cake with a cherry on the top
  • I’m going to pack healthy
    fruit snacks for work
  • I’m going to treat myself to
    a fruit scented incense
  • I’m going to make a
    fruity surprise for my best friend
  • I’m going to make some
    fruit tea for my friends
  • I will complete my wardrobe
    with raspberry coloured clothing
  • To recall summer I’m going to
    wear a raspberry coloured dress
  • I’m going to wear cherry coloured
    stilettos with my black dress
  • I’m going to have smokey eyes
    in cherry color tonight
  • I’m going to use cranberry
    coloured lipstick today
  • I’m going to make myself glow
    using raspberry cheek-blush
  • I’m going to get a manicure
    in ripe orange colour
  • Cherry-raspberry flavoured
    kisses for my hubby
  • To recall summer I’ll wear
    a cranberry coloured necklace
  • Today I will tell him I have
    a crush on him
I promise